Welcome to Mobile Forensics Inc.

A training and consulting company for law enforcement, corporations and security professionals. MFI is leading the way in training, educating and supporting these groups in the methods of cellular data extraction.

Classes offered

  • MFI 101 Workshop - This workshop introduces students to legal issues, information on mobile service providers and requirements for searching mobile handsets. Hands-on instruction covers the acquisition and analysis of GSM, CDMA and iDEN mobile phones and SIM cards, using multiple types of software from Cellebrite, Bitpim, SecureView and Mobile Phone Examiner Plus. Students will learn the basics of the Cellular Network and wil have a foundation in the history of cellular technology. SYLLABUS
  • MFI 202 Workshop - This continued education course in mobile forensics will move into communication and advanced processing of mobile devices. This includes learning how traditional software and hardware performs the data acquisitions and also utilizing additional tools to obtain data that is non-recoverable with traditional "logical" software. Learn where 90% of date and times are located within handset files to include SMS/MMS!
    Also offered is a special course for the EU and countries utilizing ONLY GSM devices! Hit the Syllabus EU link for more information.
  • MFI 303 Workshop - Continuing on obtaining the maximum amount of data from mobile phones, Mobile Forensics Inc will bring you: more hardware service tools, the usage of USB port monitors , iPhone physical examinations and the UFED Physical Analyzer Software. There is nothing like uncovering data from cellphones that they thought you would never find!

    Check out the course dates HERE

  • Online Mobile Forensics Courses

    MFI Online Courses - These 1 day online offereings will allow the examiner to receive FOCUSED training on many different topics. The examiner can now receive training on THEIR time, THEIR place and THEIR pace. These classes all instructed by MFI Instructors and all class descriptions are located upon clicking the course of interest. For Current Dates please Look HERE

    Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+)
    Bitpim and Cellphone Artifacts
    Blackberry/Windows Mobile Forensics
    Call Detail Records and GPS Devices
    Android Forensics
    iPhone Forensics
    VMWare Processing
    Oxygen Forensic Suite II

    After many requests we are finally overseeing a Certification process, the Mobile Forensics Certified Examiner (MFCE).
    Please visit www.mfce.us for more information.